Shine 'Big Idea' Screenwriting Win

Posted 19th Jan 2011.

Shine / Kudos / New Regency - Big Idea Competition Winner

We had to keep this quiet for a month or so but I can now be officially delighted to announce that Sam Callis and I have won the Shine Pictures 'Big Idea' screenwriting competition.

Shine Pictures is a joint venture between UK's Kudos Pictures (Eastern Promises, Brighton Rock) and Hollywood's New Regency (Heat, Fight Club, The Fountain). The competition offered an open invitation to submit a proposal and sample pages for a genre film, then for shortlisted entrants to pitch for a development deal.

From over 700 entrants, seven were invited to pitch. We presented our story to Executive Chairman Stephen Garrett, Head of Film Paul Webster, Head of Development Ed Clarke and Big Idea Project Manager Melanie Coombs.

Of those seven pitches, two proposals were chosen: ours, a romantic comedy provisionally entitled 'Three Nights In Fiction', and Stephen Keyworth's science fiction script 'Youngstown'.

Stephen and Paul said:

"We are genuinely delighted to have found these two exciting Big Ideas which clearly have global audiences in their sights. Nic and Sam's Three Nights in Fiction is a charming Romantic Comedy concept, and Stephen's Youngstown is an unsettling Sci-Fi proposal that is elevated genre at its best. We very much look forward to working with these writers to develop these terrific notions into compelling screenplays and then films."

We are absolutely delighted to be working with such respected and inspiring individuals and such successful companies. We're looking forward to collaborating with them to produce an engaging and entertaining film.

Many congratulations to Stephen Keyworth for his deal too.

And now, to work!

Sam Callis and Nic Alderton are long-time collaborators, although they also work on their own projects independently. Sam is also an actor and director and has recently completed a short film. Nic writes and directs for stage and screen and is in post-production with a short film.


Promo For Kassamba's Musicalment

Posted 15th Dec 2010.

Kassamba are a Catalan percussion and drumming group. Their latest piece 'Musicalment', created by Yago Delas, involves music, dance, sculpture and audience participation.

Last time I filmed them was in a high forest on the slopes of Montgri. This time we were in a clearing by a 16th century castle (still inhabited).

Yago has cut and tuned a number of tree trunks which are hung from a metal tripod and form the centrepiece of this performance. It begins in darkness (which is often created for an audience by offering them all blindfolds) and to the sound of running water and simulated thunder to create an acoustic storm. Then comes birdsong and various types of bells. This quiet section is separated from the more animated movement by a Chinese gong which leads into a percussive section, progressing through a gentle, even chanting and drumming section and through to a high energy finale.

We shot the entire performance; here is a short promo for it.

You can find Kassama on Facebook and Myspace.

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